10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mortgage Company


Hiring the right mortgage company is crucial when you’re embarking on your homeownership journey. To ensure you make an informed decision, here are ten essential questions to ask potential mortgage lenders:

1. What Types of Mortgages Do You Offer?

Different mortgage lenders may offer various types of loans, such as conventional, FHA, VA, or jumbo loans. Understanding the mortgage types they provide will help you determine if they align with your needs.

2. What Is the Interest Rate and APR?

Inquire about the current interest rates and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The APR includes not only the interest rate but also the fees associated with the loan, giving you a more comprehensive view of the cost.

3. What Are the Closing Costs?

Closing costs can vary significantly from one lender to another. Request a detailed breakdown of the closing costs to understand the fees associated with your mortgage.

4. Do You Offer Pre-Approval?

Pre-approval is a valuable step in the home-buying process. Ask if the lender offers pre-approval and what the requirements and process entail.

5. What Is the Down Payment Requirement?

Different lenders may have varying down payment requirements. Ensure you understand the down payment amount needed for the mortgage you’re considering.

6. What Is the Loan Term?

Mortgage loans come with different term lengths, such as 15, 20, or 30 years. Inquire about the available loan terms and consider which one aligns with your financial goals.

7. Are There Any Prepayment Penalties?

Some mortgages may have prepayment penalties if you pay off the loan early. Ask about any prepayment penalties and how they might affect your loan.

8. Can You Explain the Rate Lock Policy?

Rate lock policies can impact your mortgage rate. Understand the lender’s rate lock policy, including the duration of the lock and any associated fees.

9. What Are the Credit Score Requirements?

Lenders have specific credit score requirements for loan approval. Ask about the minimum credit score required for the mortgage you’re interested in.

10. What Additional Services or Member Benefits Do You Offer?

Some lenders provide additional services, member benefits, or specialized programs. Inquire about any extra services or benefits they offer to see if they align with your financial goals.

Asking these questions will help you gather essential information and make an informed decision when hiring a mortgage company. This due diligence will ensure you find the right lender for your specific needs and financial situation.